Daily Technical Analysis XAU/USD: The trend is rebounding and turning bullish as we wait for more stimulus to consolidate in the market


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This week, the gold (XAU) and other metals markets could be influenced by the US dollar’s (USD) performance, testing investors’ risk tolerance and willingness to engage.

A recent report on US wholesale inflation serves as a reminder that the battle against rising prices continues, suggesting the need for alternative strategies in this market environment. In the first month of 2024, XAU/USD prices unexpectedly soared following a report that highlighted a significant rise in the cost of living for US consumers, surprising analysts and market traders.

Generally, the economic data has kept the door closed on hopes that the Federal Reserve (Fed) will begin cutting interest rates in the country in March, as expected by traders, who are now pinning their hopes on the mid-year months. Additionally, bets that the Fed’s move to ease economic conditions along with the financial markets could be made between May and July are being held back.

The dollar is strengthening as data diminishes the likelihood of immediate rate cuts. Also, as is well known, high interest rates and profitability make loans more expensive, which generates a slowdown in the economy and consequently affects the prices of investments in the market. On the other hand, the faith is that the U.S. economy can continue to hold up despite the difficult challenge it faces when interest rates are high. This could help companies achieve market earnings growth, potentially acting as a cushion to stabilize stock prices.

In contrast, a preliminary report that was released on Thursday last week showed that consumer sentiment in the U.S. was on the path of improvement although not enough as expected by analysts. This is vital because this may indicate that the U.S. economic data was as robust across the board, which could stop the U.S. central bank from rushing to cut rates and help the U.S. currency at the same time.

If investors opt to increase their hedging percentages, it could trigger a significant sell-off of the U.S. dollar worldwide, weakening the currency. In addition, the Fed expects spreads against other heavy yielding currencies to widen as the Fed imposes substantial interest rate cuts and this effect will begin to be felt further in the market. 

Daily Technical Analysis XAU/USD February 20th

Based on the performance of the Forex daily chart, the price of the XAU/USD is looking for some encouragement to stay in trend. On a technical level, resistance levels may be USD 2030 and USD 2055. These resistance levels may support the control that the bulls may be exerting on the trend. For those considering purchasing gold, it may be advantageous to buy during a downtrend, especially as rising geopolitical tensions could foster a recovery in its price.At present and as a suggestion, the ideal levels to make a purchase are USD 2000 and USD 1985 per ounce.

Remember, this week’s gold market dynamics will hinge on the US dollar’s performance and investors’ readiness to navigate associated risks. Another aspect that may also influence the reaction to the content of the minutes of the last Federal Reserve meeting along with the readings of the purchasing indices of both the manufacturing and services sectors for both the US economy and those of Europe and the UK.

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