Position Size Calculator

The Position Size Calculator stands as a pivotal tool in Risk Management strategies. It assists in determining an appropriate position size based on various factors including account currency, account balance, stop loss level, and desired risk percentage.


1. Choose the base currency of your trading account.

2. Input your account balance (e.g., $10,000 if that's the amount available in your trading account).

3. Specify the risk ratio percentage as a whole number (e.g., 50). This represents the percentage of your account balance you're willing to risk for this position size.

4. Determine the distance for your Stop-Loss in points (e.g., 50).

5. Select the trading instrument for which you're conducting this calculation (e.g., EUR/USD).

6. Input the current ask price of the instrument as provided by your trading platform.

7. Click on the Calculate button to obtain the suggested position size.

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